Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all. Social Media is rising and will continue to do so. It’s the most popular choice for companies nowadays. Since all social networks offer ways of targeting your audience, it's a great way of growing your business. Targeted ads zip to a broad audience, but not always towards the audience defined by your companies strategy.


      What if you could target the right audience on a personal level?

      IDENRI can provide quality leads, based on audience, conversation and location, in just a few days.




      Want to target your competitors' followers? Approach your own followers on other social platforms? IDENRI can provide profiles from all the social media networks so you can be aware of your company, brand or product.


      Who’s talking about your company or product? Get the profiles of those who use a certain hashtag or keyword in tweets or photo posts. Suppose you want to market a new coffee brand? IDENRI can provide profiles who used #coffee.


      Get the profiles of those who checked in or tagged a certain location. For example, attending a conference, IDENRI can provide profiles of those who were there or those who showed interest. You can engage with those attendees!

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